PART  III    Care and Counselling in Various Cultures


Topics /Remarks
Pastoral Care and Counselling in Africa
The case of Ghana
Charles K. Konadu, Ghana, 1996 - changing society
- youth and marriage
- migration
- family planning
- counselling programmes of the churches

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 1, 1996; pp 36- 39
Creating Communities through Pastoral Care and Counselling
in the fragmentations of urban African life
Daisy N. Nwachuku, Nigeria, 2000
- African spirituality of community life
- African urban life
- caring communities

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 6, 2000; pp 53-59

related to A)

Charles K. Konadu Ghana, 1997 p. 199
The effect of social change on
the matrilineal system of the Ashantis of Ghana

Rose Zoé-Obianga Cameroon, 1998 p. 210
Violence in the family.
The polygamous family in Cameroon

Stephan de Beer South Africa, 2000 p. 363
Nurturing and building community.
The challenge of pastoral care in urban South Africa

Wilhelmina J. Kalu Nigeria, 2001 p. 451
Human dignity for youth and women.
Reproductive health care practices in Nigeria

Julian Müller South Africa, 2001 p. 468
Human dignity: A South African story

Charles K. Konadu Ghana, 1996 p. 477
A 35 years old wife in conflict with her husband and her family.
The case of Mrs. Afua Nimo, Ghana

Charles K. Konadu Ghana, 2003 p. 505
Everyday Life of a Poor Person in my Congregation (Ghana)

Derrick Lwekika Tanzania, 2003 p. 509
The challenge of poverty. The case of Kokulinda, Tanzania


Pastoral Counselling in Asian Context
Robert Solomon, Singapore, 1996 - culture and religion
- family and filial piety
- shame
- poverty and injustice

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 1, 1996; pp 22- 2
Pastoral Care, Healing and Preaching of the Gospel
Report from a Korean parish
Sung-Soo Lee / In-Sook You, Korea, 1996 - contextualisation of pastoral care
- women's rights
- the needs of childern
- the needs of old people

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 1, 1996; pp 28-29
Living in Differences and Tensions of the Self
Remarks on overt and covert tensions in
urban societies in India
Nalini Arles, India, 2000 - poor and rich
- joint family
- migration
- problems of urbanisation

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 6, 2000; pp 39-45

related to B)

Nalini Arles India, 1998 p. 111
Counselling in the Indian context.
Problems encountered in application
of Western (especially non-directive) models of counselling

Edwin T. Decenteceo Philippines, 1996 p. 116
"Burden-Bearing" as a metaphor for counselling.
Experiences from the Philippines

Nalini Arles India, 1998 p. 163
Woman - the scapegoat
Experiences from India

Daniel Susanto Indonesia, 1997 p. 186
Family life in Indonesia
- between tradition and change

Nalini Arles India, 1996 p. 489
A woman with 5 children ill treated by her husband.
A case study from India

Rafalwen Saragih / Tetty Hutapea / Helmut Weiß Indonesia, 1998 p. 496
A case study from Indonesia on
traditional family counselling and organised attempts to help street children



Three short essays
on Society and pastoral challenges in Brazil

James R. Farris Brazil, 2001

- religion, culture and society
- poverty, economy, capitalism
- migration
- rural workers' movements
- pastoral challenges

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 7, 2001; pp 3-9

related to C)

Leonildo Silveira Campos Brazil, 2001 p. 80
New religious movements and traditional Protestantism in Brazil

Ronaldo Sathler-Rosa Brazil, 2000 p. 144
Pastoral action in a context of economic slavery and cultural apathy

Lothar Carlos Hoch Brazil, 2001 p. 152
Healing as a task of pastoral care among the poor

Dagmar Pinto de Castro Brazil, 2001 p. 215
Understanding the Brazilian family

James R. Farris Brazil, 2003 p. 430
Ecology, economy and theology in Brazil.
Highlighted by a case-study


Restoring Human Dignity
Some remarks on the work of the SOS Centre of Diakonia in Prague, Czech Republic
Slávka Bulíková Czech Republic, 2001 - society
- the work of church institutions
- social work and Christian faith

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 8, 2001; pp 65-69

related to D)

Jürgen Huhn Germany, 1996 p. 482
The severe fate of a man, who experienced war and the hard time afterwards.
A case study from Germany

Hilary Johnson Great Britain, 1996 p. 485
A 34 years old widow and mother in difficult living conditions.
A case study from England

Hannelore Deichmann Germany, 2003 p. 501
"Paradise lost".
A case-study in marriage counselling from Germany

George Melel India/Germany, 2003 p. 511
A Tamil asylum-seeker and his fate in Germany today.
A case study

Miklos Kocsev Hungary, 2003 p. 513
Illness and unemployment.
A verbatim from Hungary

Adrian Korzago Poland, 2003 p. 516
Call to a parishioner 'on the dole'.
A verbatim from Poland


Social and Economical Problems affecting Human Dignity
Youth in Papua New Guinea
Alphonse Saiho Papua New Guinea, 2001 - politics
- education
- employment
- family

source: Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling No 8, 2001; pp 34-36

related to E)

George I. Euling Papua New Guinea, 1997 p. 191
The impact of westernisation and commerce
on the family values in Papua New Guinea

George Euling Papua New Guinea, 1998 p. 329
Violence and victims of violence.
Experiences from Papua New Guinea

John Snehadass / Ulrich Fritsche Fiji / Germany, 1997 p. 491
Conflict and reconciliation in the context of two different cultures.
A case study from the Fiji: The ritual of reconciliation between a married couple