about the authors

Arles Nalini Dr., Professor of Practical Theology at United Theo-logical College Bangalore/India, counsellor, con-veyor of the 2004-ICPCC-Congress right there, member of the Executive Committee of SIPCC.
Atkins Ulrike Rev., acting supervisor (DGfP), training staff at the Ecumenical Crisis-Line-Centre Duesseldorf/Germany.
Beldermann Jutta Rev., Head of the Ecumenical Formation Workshop of the "United Evangelical Mission", Wupper-tal/Germany.
Bell Stuart Chief Executive of South London and Maudsley National Health Trust, London/UK.
Beverly Urias Rev., counsellor, CPE Supervisor, Redford, Michi-gan/USA.
Brown Malcolm Rev., Dr., Principal of the East Anglican Ministerial Training Course, former Executive Officer of the William-Temple-Foundation, Manchester/UK.
Bulíková Slávka Psychotherapist, working in the SOS-Crisis Center at Prague, Czech Republik, member of the Diakonia of the Church of the Bohemian Brethren.
Chuengsatiansup Komatra Medical Doctor, Surgeon and Buddhist
de Beer Stephan Rev., parish pastor in Pretoria / South Africa.
Decenteceo Edwin T. Ph.D, Professor of Psychology and Psychotherapist, Quezon City / Phil-ippines.
Deichmann Hannelore Psychologist, Counsellor in the Counselling Centre in Waldbroel/Germany.
Euling George Rev., Baptist pastor and counsellor in Papua New Guinea.
Farris James R. Ph.D., Professor for Practical Theology at the Methodist University (UMESP) of Sao Paulo / Brazil, President of International Pastoral Care Network for Social Responsibility.
Federschmidt Karl H Rev., Dr. theol., parish minister in Wuppertal/Germany, chairperson the SIPCC-Publishing Committee.
Foskett John Canon, Anglican Priest, Supervisor, former Hospital Chaplain (retired) in London/UK.
Fritsche Ulrich D.Div., Rev., working as Hospital Chaplain in Leverkusen/Germany.
Graham Elaine Dr., Professor of Social and Pastoral Theology at the University of Manchester/UK.
Greider Kathleen J. Dr., Professor of Pastoral Care and Counselling, Professor of Religion, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont/USA, member of the Executive Committee of SIPCC.
Grünberg Wolfgang Dr., Professor of Practical Theology, University of Hamburg/Germany; Head of the "Institute on Church and the City", Hamburg/Germany.
Gutmann Hans-Martin Dr., Professor of Practical Theology, University of Hamburg/Germany.
Hoch Lothar Carlos Dr., Professor of Counselling and Pastoral Psychol-ogy at the Lutheran School of Theology in Sao Leo-poldo / Brazil.
Huhn Jürgen Rev., parish minister, counsellor, Berlin/Germany.
Hutapea, Tetty Teacher at Medan, Indonesia
Johnson Hilary Anglican Priest, Hospital Chaplain at London/UK, member of the Executive Committee of SIPCC 1995-2000.
Kalu Wilhelmina J. Psychologist, counsellor; formerly at University of Nigeria in Nsukka, now in Chicago/USA.
Kocsev Miklos Rev., Dr., parish pastor of a Reformed Church in Hungary, Professor for Practical Theology in the Reformed Churches Theological Seminary at Papa/Hungary, Supervisor (DGfP).
Koester Thomas Dr., Economist, Secretary General of one of the major German Associations of small and medium-sized enterprises, Duesseldorf/Germany.
Konadu Charles K. Rev., former parish minister, conveyor of the ICPCC Congress 1999 in Accra/Ghana, now Bishop in a district of the Methodist Church of Ghana.
Korzago Adrian Rev., Dr. theol., local parish minister of a Lutheran Church in Southern Poland, lecturer at the Theological Seminar in Warsaw/Poland on Practical Theology.
Lee Sung-Soo Presbyterian parish minister in Chinkon-Myon/South Korea.
Leociak Jacek Polish free lance writer
Linz Manfred Dr. theol., journalist, member of the "Wuppertal In-stitute" (www.wupperinst.org ), Wuppertal/Germany.
Louw Daniel J. Professor of Practical Theology, University of Stellenbosch / South Africa.
Lwekika Derrick Rev., Superintendent of one of the districts of the North-Western Diocese of the Lutheran Church of Tansania.
Mata Michael A. Dr., Professor of Practical Theology at the Clare-mont School of Theology, California/USA.
Melel George Rev., Dr., Christian-Mission pastor to Tamil people in Neuss/Germany.
Mueller Julian Dr., Professor of Practical Theology, University of Pretoria / Republic of South Africa.
Nwachuku Daisy N. Dr., Professor of Counselling, Psychology and Pas-toral Counselling, Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Calabar/Nigeria.
Pfaefflin Ursula Dr., Professor of Practical Theology,The Evangelical University for Applied Social Sciences, Dresden/Germany; Vice-Chair of the ICPCC.
Pinto de Castro Dagmar Dr., Professor of Psychology at the Methodist Uni-versity of Sao Paulo / Brazil.
Poling James N. PhD, Professor for Pastoral Theology at Garret Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston/USA.
Ruddies Hartmut Dr., Lecturer for Systematic Theology at Martin-Luther-University at Halle/Germany.
Saiho Alphonse Roman Catholic lay person, working in the Ok Tedi Mining Company, Tabubil / Papua New Guinea.
Saragih Pen Rev., pastor of the Simalungun Protestant Church in Northern Sumatra, Medan/Indonesia.
Sathler-Rosa Ronaldo Dr., Professor emeritus of Practical Theology at the Methodist University of Sao Paulo / Brazil, former Chair of International Pastoral Care Network for Social Responsibility, member of the Executive Committee of SIPCC.
Schwager Raymund Dr., member of the Roman Catholic Order "Societas Jesu", Professor for Dogmatics and Ecumenical Theology at the University of Innsbruck/Austria; President of the "Colloquium on Violence & Religion", Stanford University, California/USA; died February 2004.
Silveira Campos Leonildo Dr., Professor of Religion and Social Sciences at the Graduate School of Religion of the Methodist Uni-versity of Sao Paulo / Brazil.
Smith Archie Ph.D., Professor of Pastoral Psychology and Counselling, Pacific School of Religion Berkeley / USA.
Snehadass, John Roman Catholic Priest, CPE-Supervisor, Suva/Fiji.
Solomon Robert Rev., Dr., Dr., former Professor for Practical Theol-ogy at Trinity Theological College, Singapore, Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore.
Souza Ribeiro Margarida Fátima Rev., Otilia Chaves Chair in Theology at the Methodist School of Theology of Sao Paulo / Brazil.
Sung Jung Mo Dr., Professor in the Graduate School of Sciences of Religion at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo and at the School of Theology of The Methodist University of Sao Paulo / Brazil.
Susanto Daniel Rev., Dr., pastor in Indonesia.
Temme Klaus Rev., retired, former School Chaplain, chairperson of the SIPCC-Planning Committee
Victus Solomon Dr., Lecturer of Sociology and Ethics at the Tamil-nadu Theological Seminary in Madurai/India.
Ward Frances Rev., Dr., Anglican priest and theological educator in Manchester/UK.
Weiss, Helmut Rev., Head of the Duesseldorf Protestant Church District's supervisory service, teaching supervisor (DGfP), Chairperson of SIPCC.
You In-Sook Parish worker, School Headmaster, Chinkon-Myon, South Korea
Zoé-Obianga Rose Dr., Lecturer at the University at Yaounde/Cameroon.